Hey everyone!

After a weeks of downtime and a lot of work behind the scenes, we are finally ready to announce the release of our 3rd map of Pixelmon! Ever since our initial announcement the team has been putting in a ton of effort into making this map the best one yet. A large amount of time has been spent on this update and I would like to personally thank the team for the effort they have put in.

The release will this Saturday, Feb. 13 at 3PM EST. That being said here are some of the changes that will be introduced to the new map:

Biomes o' Plenty removed

We just felt like it took much away from the core gameplay of Pixelmon and we wanted to get back into the roots of why people started playing without all of the unnecessary frills.  


We wanted to add gyms because it is a core gameplay mechanic we were sorely lacking in, it will help you in grinding and will give you something to work towards.

Economy Revamp

We heard your complaints about the economy and we decided to act upon them, the economy has been re balanced to fit the gameplay we originally envisioned,  to follow in this we have also altered kits, quests, daily rewards, and many other aspects of the economy to help make the server more enjoyable. One notable change in shop prices have been scaled to demand.

Along with those, the current features will still be in map 3:

  • /quests (complete daily quests for rewards)
  • /dailies (Play the server for daily rewards)
  • /shop command to buy blocks, berries, etc
  • /tags (complete pokedex or purchase them)
  • /dex (complete pokedex for rewards)
  • /hunt (capture Pokemon for in-game rewards)
  • /wondertrade (trade your pokemon for a random pokemon in the wondertrade list)
  • /gts (sell/buy in-game items in GTS) - Tournaments - Airdrops
  • & more!

Check it now this Saturday @ 3PM EST via fantasymc.net!