Hey everyone!

We recently acquired Orbit Prisons in order to provide our community the best prisons experience we could provide! With that being said, there's a lot of fun and cool features that we have in our NEW prisons realm!

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With our prisons realm, our main focus was to provide a never ending supply of content, mostly through the use of our questing system.

📚 Quests 📚

Quests will be an essential part of the server with their never ending content and excitement. You can begin the quest line by visiting the Quest NPC in /spawn!

(( Quests will have new addition every weeks in our weekly updates! ))

🔮 Magic Dust 🔮

Magic Dust is a way to grow crops that will allow you to make money by doing absolutely nothing! However, be careful, farming magic dust also has it's dangers!

📈 Block Street (Stock Market) 📈

Our stock market system links directly to the real-life stock market data allow our prisoner "investors" to possibly double, triple or even quadruple their money with added risk.

💰 Gambling 💰

Other than the block street, you can also risk all your money for even more reward with the gambling system! Our gambling system is extensive with crash, jackpot, wheel, coin flip, and paper scissors!

🤖 Robots 🤖

Robots are a way to make never ending money easily. Robots can be purchased from our store. You will be able to place robots in your /plot and they will automatically generate infinite amounts of money!

There are multiple types of robots, including Iron, Gold, Diamond, Emerald, Lapis & more.

⛏️ Token Custom Enchants ⛏️

You can get tokens from mining which will be used to enchant your pickaxe with a whole array of custom enchants. You just simply right click your pickaxe which opens up a menu to add custom enchants.

▶️ Youtubers ▶️

We have a whole list of major youtubers streaming, recording and playing the server! Here are the few people you can expect on launch or a few days after launch.

  • FastPots
  • Spifey!
  • Dylan_
  • PackFolder
  • Hennix
  • Lawllegit
  • Refilming

🥇 $300 Weekly Payouts 🥇

Payout winners are picked Sunday of every week. If you win, create a ticket at #tickets in our discord.

Gang Top

Gang Top #1: $40 Paypal + $35 Buycraft

Gang Top #2: $25 Paypal + $30 Buycraft

Gang Top #3: $10 Paypal + $10 Buycraft

Block Top

Block Top #1: $40 Paypal + $35 Buycraft

Block Top #2: $25 Paypal + $30 Buycraft

Block Top #3: $10 Buycraft

Other Notable Features:

  • Daily Rewards
  • Plots
  • Donator Mines
  • Battle Pass
  • Mine Crates

I hope to see you guys on Sunday at 3PM EST! We want to thank you for all of your continuous support in taking this next step with us. Thank you!