Unfair advantage / Illegal Mods:

This includes any use of a hacked client, illegal mods, etc. Any modifications to any client or mod that will create an unfair advantage over other players is not allowed (Ex. editing Journey Map to allow you to see pixelmon).


In-game scamming is not allowed whatsoever. Buycraft scamming is only considered punishable if a player buys something off of buycraft for a deal in game and the player does not give the agreed items after the purchase was made.

Mute / Ban evasion:

Abusing alternate accounts to bypass a mute or a ban will result in a ban for that account. If your sibling or family member was banned from your IP address you are held responsible for that, which means you will also be banned.

Exploiting and Glitching:

If you have found a “glitch” or “exploit”, please report it IMMEDIATELY by contacting a staff member via our Discord. Failure to report a glitch or exploit upon finding it will result in a permanent ban or blacklist. Using an exploit or glitch of any kind within the server to provide yourself, or any other players an advantage over one another will result in a permanent blacklist without warning.

Solicitation / IRL Trading:

Players are not allowed to advertise that they are selling in-game items for IRL money. Selling in-game items is ALLOWED but staff will not moderate or middleman a trade. Staff also will not assist in a scam if a player is to be scammed IRL money due to the fact that we cannot pursue.

Lag Machines:

Machines that cause the server to lag are absolutely not tolerated. If you are caught creating a machine or using a machine that lags the server, you will be punished by admin’s

Pixelmon Rules:

Insiding / Griefing:

Insiding will result in a 14 day ban. This is described as betraying your friends, stealing items, mining blocks / valuables. The person who made the claim is the judge of your ban and ultimately decides if you should be banned or not if the proof is valid from a staff member.

Player Trapping:

Player trapping is not allowed on the network. This includes trapping via /tpa, /warps etc. This also includes using the /tpahere command to teleport players into a pvp area or into a trap for the pure reason to kill them. Player Claiming /

Claiming Gyms:

When using /claim, you are not allowed to claim gyms. Let everyone use the gym, don't claim it just for yourself. You are also not allowed to claim shrines. Do not set homes at other people’s claims/homes unless given permission. Also do not set a home under their claim or a few blocks outside their claim barriers. (stay 25 blocks away at all times unless given permission)

Trading/Lending Pokemon:

Players cannot trade pokemon for the sake of completion of the pokédex and must obtain the pokemon legitimately.

Selling items/pokemon for IRL Money:

Player cannot sell items/pokemon for IRL money. This will result in a ban.

Journey Map:

This is basically considered radar because you can see Pokemon, therefore this mod is bannable.


Alting is only allowed if your main account is either locked or just doesn't work anymore. You cannot use your alt for Key-Alls or /kit, only one account is allowed to be online at all times.