Hey everyone!

After months of work, the first season of Skyblock is finally here. With the post, I will outline the many features we have planned for Skyblock release.

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With that being said, let's get into the features!

Mining World

The mining world will be a world that resets every 24 hours. Inside the world, there are countless amounts of resources and ores. PvP is disabled in the mining world, and you cannot die there.

To begin, run the command /warp and click the Gold Pickaxe in the middle of the GUI.

Login Rewards

We want to reward you guys for logging in and playing! Thus, we've created Login Rewards. Login rewards will be different for each rank, so the higher your rank, the better the reward. You can check and redeem your login rewards by right-clicking the Rewards npc in /spawn.

Custom Enchants

Custom Enchants are a major part of  our Skyblock. These enchants add new abilities to your equipment. You can get started with custom enchants  by using /ce.

Custom enchants have different tiers, each tier can give a different enchant. After purchasing an enchant, you will be given a enchantment book. To apply that enchantment book to your equipment, simply drag n' drop the book onto your item.

IMPORTANT: You might loose your equipment if the enchant fails.

🥇 $200 Weekly Payouts 🥇

Island top rewards are given Saturday of every week. If you're a part of the Top 5 Island, use /is paypal to set your Paypal.

Island Top #1: $50 Paypal + $40 Buycraft

Island Top #2: $20 Paypal + $30 Buycraft

Island Top #3: $15 Paypal + $15 Buycraft

Island Top #4: $10 Paypal + $10 Buycraft

Island Top #5: $5 Paypal + $5 Buycraft

Other Notable Features

  • Playtime rewards
  • Stacked Spawners
  • Mob Coins (Obtainable through killing mobs)
  • Sell Wands (Obtainable through Crates)
  • Void Chests (Obtainable through Crates)
  • PvP zones with a constant envoys
  • Island based chest shops
  • Skills & MCMMO
  • Island Panel
  • Money Pouches (Obtainable through Crates)
  • Missions (Per player & Per Island)

We have a lot more features planned for the future and we will be constantly updating Skyblock.