Hey everyone!

The newest season of Skyblock is finally here with a lots of new features and completely revamped the server! Check out the trailer below and reupload it to receive a free rank on launch.

Check out our trailer: (Click me to download the trailer!)

(( Yes, we've added a moniker to Skyblock, now named Skyblock Space Β ))

With this new release, our main focus was improving the economy and gameplay with mode balanced and fun features and quality-of-life improvements. Without further ado, let's get right into it.

πŸ’€ Economy / Shop Improvements πŸ’€

(( Economy spread sheet ))

Economy was our main issue and the hardest one to fix. We spent countless hours with community leaders on balancing the economy to provide weeks of progression and grind.

β˜„οΈ Asteroid β˜„οΈ

Asteroid is one of our new flagship features that defines this server. The asteroid is a place where you can mine rare blocks and fight off enemies to increase your wealth.

To begin, type /asteroid and you'll be presented with this GUI:

(( Main asteroid menu ))

Click the item in the middle of the menu to teleport to the asteroid, alternatively, you can click the item at the bottom left to open the asteroid shop.

In the asteroid, there will be multiple ores which will drop Charged versions of their loot.

(( Charged gold, obtained from mining gold ores in asteroids)

You can sell these charged gold for 1.75x their /shop price in the asteroid shop (/ashop).

(( Asteroid shop ))

πŸ‘½ Aliens πŸ‘½

Aliens are our new custom monsters that inhabit the Asteroid! Each alien has their own special niche that make them a extreme monster to fight!

(( Frost Alien)

When you kill an alien, they will drop a few alien heads which you can sell on /ashop.

Alien Types

  • Frost Alien
  • Fire Alien
  • Dwarf Alien
  • & more...

We're planning on implementing more aliens w/ better loot for upcoming maps, however, this is perfect for our current state!

βš”οΈ Duels βš”οΈ

Duels are a fun way to challenge other people in a life-or-death situation! Since our player base is heavily populated by HCF players, this is a perfect way for them to show their skill!

To begin, simply run /duel <player>.

πŸ₯‡ Competitions πŸ₯‡

Competitions are automatic events that are ran every 20-30 minutes. The concept is really simple, each competition has a different criteria and you simply fill that criteria for a long time to win! Competitions last between 10-60 minutes, each time is different to make it fresh and unique.

There are currently 3 different competitions:

  • Mining Competition - Mine the most block in /asteroid to win
  • Kill Aliens Competition - Kill the most Aliens to win
  • Farming Competition - Farm the most crops to win

The top 3 winners of the competitions win a /sellbooster for 45 minutes.

(( We'll also be running different competitions that are purely admin-hosted that give better rewards ))

πŸ“ˆ Item Levels πŸ“ˆ

While brainstorming new features for this map, our team quickly realized there was no obvious sense of progression.

Thus, we've decided to implement Item levels!

(( Pickaxe level 1 ))

Each item has levels and you will gain exp for every time you break ores such as diamond ore, emerald ore etc...

So, you might be wonder, what are the perks of having high levels?

  • Gain more exp from mining blocks, farming etc.
  • Break blocks faster!

πŸ’ŽNew Armor SetsπŸ’Ž

On the note of progression, we've added a bunch of new armor sets that provide a better experience to the hard-code grinders!

There are currently 3 armor sets:

Money Set

The most prized item in all of skyblock for it's amazing boosts!

Experience Set

Gain the most out of your experience farms and ore farms.

Mob Coin Set

Gain more mob coins from killing monsters!

You can gain armor sets through crates, monthly crates or by purchasing it by clicking the Armor Sets NPC in /spawn.

πŸ₯‡ $200 Weekly Payouts πŸ₯‡

Island top rewards are given Sunday of every week. If you're a part of the Top 5 Island, use /is paypal to set your Paypal.

Island Top #1: $50 Paypal + $40 Buycraft

Island Top #2: $20 Paypal + $30 Buycraft

Island Top #3: $15 Paypal + $15 Buycraft

Island Top #4: $10 Paypal + $10 Buycraft

Island Top #5: $5 Paypal + $5 Buycraft

Quality of Life Changes & Bug Fixes:

These are some updates that weren't large enough to have their own sections but still are noteworthy.

  • Removed Mining world (Replaced with /asteroid)
  • Removed welcome npc & gui
  • Removed skills gui
  • Complete overhaul of the shop system & gui
  • Complete overhaul of the kits menu
  • Complete overhaul of /warp menu
  • Optimized Void Chests & reduced their potency
  • Changed Void Chest holograms to make them more compact
  • Removed /island level (Was just useless, since we don't use that system for anything)
  • Moved to a new chat system
  • Removed balance from scoreboard
  • Removed chat color (We'll implement a way better solution in the future)
  • Added balance as an action bar message
  • Revamped crates and added armor sets, void chests, robots, ranks & more special items.
  • Added potions to the /shop
  • Made mob coins shop change items every day
  • Made spawners only stack up-to 64
  • Removed spawner rates /is upgrade (was too OP)
  • Reduced farming /is upgrade to 3x max (was 4x)
  • Removed mob drops /is upgrade (was too OP)
  • Removed minecarts /is upgrade (was useless)
  • Added ability for ranks to do [item] (Displays item in chat)
  • Added 1-time kit vouchers to crates
  • Removed /warp Menu
  • Completely did the missions and made them give mob coins & added more missions
  • Added sell boosters
  • Removed MCMMO
  • Added lava bucket & water bucket to /shop
  • Removed CrazyEnchantments
  • Fixed island levels being negative
  • Obsidian gets turned into lava bucket when right clicked with a bucket now
  • Set default island size to 50 (was 25)
  • Added iron, gold & diamond ores to the cobble generators
  • Optimized server & removed random lag spikes
  • Added sell booster suffix to the balance in action bar, displays as :: Balance (% Sell Booster)

I know, that's a lot of stuff! However, that's just the beginning. We're working extremely hard every single day to improve the gameplay to ensure you guys have the best time while playing the server.

I hope to see you guys on Sunday at 3PM EST! If you were a beta tester for this map, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You guys: our community, were the main critics and supporters that allowed us to make this happen. Thank you!