Hey everyone!

We've spent the past 2 weeks ensuring the entire server is as functional and fun as possible! We know that last week's launch was terrible especially with the terrible economy ruining player experiences. I'm glad to say that we've learned from our mistakes and tried our hardest to change the server by listening to your suggestions and requests. Almost all of the new changes are based on player feedback and we have more changes lined up for the coming weeks.

Without further ado, let's jump right onto the updates.

The new map launches this Saturday (1/30/21) at 3PM EST!

💸 Economy Overhaul 💸

Economy was the most prevalent issue with the last map and we've worked extremely hard every day to improve upon our failed economy. We believe that our new economy does justice to the players.

Below you can view a screenshot of the economy sheet we created, you can also view the economy sheet using this link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1MCfGqtn8QiiX7fvZpwxJUNFNVnxWu-JdPCJWUvKHVcw/edit?usp=sharing

We hope this new economy allows everyone a fair and equal chance at getting to the Top.

🐒 New Mob Coins 🐒

Our last attempt at mob coins resulted in the economy's  inflation, however, we've completely changed mob coins from the core and made them a lot better.


The new redesigned GUI
More descriptive information item

New Rewards:

  • 1x Premium Crate (done)
  • 3x Premium Crate (done)
  • Void Chest (done)
  • 1x Villager Spawner (done)
  • Tier 1 Money Pouch (done)
  • Tier 3 Money Pouch (done)
  • 1x Creeper Spawner (done)
  • 1x Blaze Spawner

🎆 Envoys 🎆

Our last envoy system was a complete mess, borderline dysfunctional. As a result, we've completely redone our envoy system. We have added new rewards that make envoys more meaning full.


💵 Coinflips💵

Due to popular request, we've added coinflips! You can gamble all your money away simply by using /cf in-game.

💰 Lottery 💰

Due to popular request, we've added coinflips! You can gamble all your money away simply by using /jackpot in-game.

Other Notable Updates

  • Removed Skills
  • Changed Essentials messages
  • Changed Temp Fly messages
  • Changed Vote Messages
  • Changed Hub Scoreboard & Server selector
  • Added more holograms and made them more aesthetic
  • Fixed spawner system, now entities spawn in the correct time
  • KOTHs
  • Playervaults
  • Custom mob drops
  • Nametag updates
  • Changed Island messages w/ new style more befitting to our server style

(( Daily updates or hot-fixes are always posted on our discord ))